Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the escape artists

we have three more baby mallards now, and i am very excited about this batch. last time we got ducks we bought four and they were older and not friendly at all. it was very disappointing. they would not let us hold them, they were really stinky and messy, etc... but this time... we got ducks that were a lot younger, and they are still stinky and messy, but they are very friendly. they love it when i hold them, especially when i carry all three around at the same time. when matt first brought them home we had them in a box and they would all jump out of the box and follow me around. i love it!!! even now, they are outside in the little coop and if i let them out while i get them water and they will follow me over to the hose and back, it's the cutest thing ever! i am hooked on ducks now :) i can't wait until we can hatch our own, that will be sooo fun! we are hoping for at least two females... we love the little females. maiko said he wants to name one lulu and layla wants to name one binky :) we already have one male mallard, we had a male and female but the female was murdered by a raccoon. we also have two ruins... we think one is a male and one is a female but we are not sure. the male mallard is getting his green feathers on his head though, he is beautiful! well, i will post some more pictures when they get their feathers.

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