Friday, October 22, 2010

thoroughly enjoying the nice weather

eislee just loves the beach, can you tell?

"beach bum"

layla's "best friend" chloe and her sweet mama building a sand castle...

chloe's little sister lexi... she loves rocks... so cute!

the "bigger" girls enjoying a little rest and chat on the walk back.

so, as you can see we are alive and well and up to many things... which i will try and do a better job of sharing regularly. it's amazing how fast paced life is these days and my oh my did i forget how difficult it can be having a toddler in the house. whew.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

oh, how tiring it is to be one...

falling asleep in the highchair... one minute shes playing happily on the floor and then you look over and she's fast asleep... she's a pretty easy baby when she's not wandering around emptying every drawer/basket in the house.

Monday, October 4, 2010

over the weekend...

i have wanted to can with my mom all summer and the tomato sauce stash was dangerously low... so can you guess who came to visit and what we did? oh and those cinnamon rolls... those cinnamon rolls... my oh my they were amazing... matt is very happy with my mom for getting me interested in yeast breads, and i must say i'm very interested.

looking out, looking in

while two older and quite capable siblings quietly work just outside the back window on a "science experiment" one not yet old enough sibling must stay inside and is very upset about it. with a little entertainment in the way of puzzles placed by the window so she is still somewhat part of the action gets her back to her happy self and on with the day we go. sigh. i suppose when your so used to being included in all the things big brother and sister do it must be hard to understand why you can't be a part of something as fun as coloring water and growing crystals! it just makes no sense to a one year old. well eislee, don't worry it won't be long and you will even be included in the science fun.
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