Thursday, April 21, 2011

a baby and a blanket

this blanket... finally finished...  finally... and it's about time, i started it when i was pregnant with eislee. now, it dosen't help that the majority of that time it was in hibernation. but with a little motivation, in the sense of really wanting to start a new project, i got back in gear. i am very happy with the results. the yarn is nice and soft, yet seems quite durable. the pattern is sweet and simple, i wrote a little tutorial here if your interested.

now, about the baby (since that's really what your here for, isn't it?)... she is growing ever so steadily. whenever i take the time to give her my full attention, she rewards me heavily with smiles and coos. she has the best smiles, and the way she coos... well... it's kind of like she's telling you a story or something. such a sweet, sweet baby. did you realize that she's almost three months now? crazy how fast that went huh? just wait... tomorrow she'll be sixteen... sigh.


Grandma Barb said...

She is such a cutie and is so full of smiles! It was so much fun to see all of you!! The blanket is great!

Grandma Barb

Rebecca Newell said...

Your photography is so beautiful and real! I LOVE it. And little Ollie is getting to be quite a looker :).

So, perhaps you should start one of those blankets for me next year.....considering it may take 5 years to get it done, should be just about time that I decide to give in to Grampy's requests and have a little chiddler (if I'm a single parent, it'll just be one of them)!

jenny said...

thanks guys :)i've been thinking about starting another blanket actually :) and when you finally give me a little niece or nephew i can guarantee they will be receiving lots of handmades from this auntie :)

amberamerica said...

so beautiful! you make beautiful babies ;) and beautiful blankets :)

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