Friday, May 13, 2011

10 things i love about spring

  • flowers on the table
  • longer, warmer days
  • the beautiful wave of green flowing over the earth
  • outdoor play without the need of hats and mittens
  • hearing birds singing in the morning (love love love)
  • apple blossoms
  • garden daydreaming
  • baby chicks
  • picnics with fresh lemonade
  • sand in the washing machine again (seriously... it makes me smile)
  • open windows and the sweet smell of spring
alright... so that's eleven things... i could keep going...
so... what made it on you list of favorites?


julie said...

Love Love Love spring. Your blog is AWESOME and so are you!!! Thanks for all the pictures of the kiddies. i LOVE the sweet things you do for them. Thanks once again for sharing.

jenny said...

thank you julie :) your so kind! miss you and looking forward to seeing you again!

i love sharing. thanks for reading :)

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