Wednesday, November 30, 2011

when i'm stuck in a rut

sometimes i feel so frustrated with life and how it will never slow down... no matter how tired i am... no matter how far behind i am... sigh. i know that realistically it doesn't even matter. i'm never really caught up anyway. but goodness. i think my problem right now is i've lost my motivation, you know, that feeling that there is a really good reason to do the same boring tasks over and over again every day with a smile on your face. yes... that motivation. i typically loose it from time to time... then i get really behind on everything... then all of a sudden my motivation comes back... HA! i think it's after dealing with being behind for a while and hating it, then suddenly i realize again why it is so important to do those same boring tasks each day... for my sanity... but of course taking a break from those tasks is also for my sanity... don't you think? matt always says that i lost my sanity a long time ago so i really shouldn't worry about it too much... hmmm... thanks matt.

do you want to know how i get out of a rut?

i have found a little pattern that seriously helps me. first i find some music that moves me... energizes me... really makes me feel something... feel alive i guess. i play that music a lot. then i read through old quotes... until i find a couple that really speak to me. i write those on my windows so that i can look at them all day every day. and finally... even though there are a million other tasks requiring my attention... i blow them all off and do something that i want to do just because i've been wanting to do it.

this combination of things works for me every single time. and i think today is the day. it's time to come out of this rut. thank you for letting me use you as a journal today. i hope it wasn't too boring. i promise next time i will share something christmas!

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