Tuesday, May 1, 2012

around the house : : the changes

our first day back was spent almost entirely out of doors and it felt so right. lots of exploring and digging in the dirt. i wish i could say soil but unfortunately what we have is dirt... yes, there is a difference... we have a shallow layer of dry dirt and then rock... very difficult to work with.
 can you believe how much everything has changed? suddenly there is so much blooming and emerging from the ground. it's all so exciting! the sunshine encouraged me to add a few new things... i can just picture that beautiful purple clematis climbing all over that old drain pipe.... like i said.... exciting. 
my youngest is very excited about her recent experiences in outdoor exploring. she just loves testing the hardiness of the plants that i'm putting in the ground. she also thought she should help the tulips drop some more petals... yes... quite a little helper.
do you have any blomming, planting, or emerging going on?

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