Sunday, October 14, 2012

picking apples

 Out in the orchard with some wonderful company. I get such a peaceful feeling when i'm out there. It feels really good to work on an important task like picking ripe apples, preserving the hard work of those beautiful trees. I love those trees. I have one that i worry about... it is so beautiful and special... but it has only been producing about three apples a year. We already have so many apples from the other trees that i don't feel we need those apples but i know that the lack of apples means that it may be injured or sick, and it is a very special tree. The most beautiful twisting trunk. It is in many of my pictures above. Often when i'm out there i wonder about who planted these trees. Who built this house. The barns. The old dock that used to run all the way across the marsh. I have heard bits of history about this place. In the past there wasn't a road. there was a path between the two old houses, where an old rose climbed up and over the road, and then the people went to town by boat. Doesn't it sound wonderful? I wonder where they had their garden too. They did such a good job placing the house. I used to think it was an odd spot on this hill because it makes the surrounding yard quite small when there is so much space. But now that i have experienced some flooding... i truly appreciate the placement... all of the pasture would have to completely flood before the house would have the slightest risk. They knew what they were doing and i hope in time we will learn the ways and make them proud.

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