Monday, May 27, 2013

one day at a time

  • we have began the sanding upstairs and we are almost finished.... matt has been sanding.... i have been sweeping and dusting. 
  • i am so excited for the completion of that project. i have been waiting for it and preparing for it for so long now... i feel like i am just full of ideas. i have been watching them and the things they like to do... their natural ways... i am so ready.... they are so ready. this project is so close to becoming a huge source of fun.
  • and then we get to prepare their old room for the little girls...
  • and then matt and me get our room all to ourselves.
  • the oatmeal above... (we go all out on oatmeal around here) is regular rolled oats cooked with milk instead of water... then you mix in a lot of ground flax seed, cinnamon, and cardamon... then you sprinkle frozen blueberries and pecans... then you top with a big swirl of maple syrup (and it had better be the real stuff). we always top oatmeal with a big swirl of maple syrup.
  • school is going to be out in about two/ two and a half weeks... we will be in for a big adjustment period then.... but i do love change... it will be fun... and once again, i've got some ideas :)

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