Friday, July 19, 2013

seven things

over the weekend my sweet layla bee turned seven.... seven.... goodness, it's going so fast. i am absolutely in love with the young girl she is becoming. such a special soul. so, for her seventh birthday i would like to share seven things i love about my sweet hearted seven year old.

seven things i love about my seven year old

  • i love the way she calls her little sisters "sweetie" and "honey"
  • i love that she always gives a genuine and thoughtful apology (well, almost always anyway)
  • i love the way she will just randomly bust out opera singing and then ask if she is a good singer.... my answer is always yes
  • i love how easily she can recognize when one of her siblings needs a little positive reinforcement
  • i love how strong she is. i love watching her developing her own sense of self and sticking with it.
  • i love the way she reminds me to smile and always tells me how much she loves it when i do
  • i love that she and i have a secret handshake which she is constantly adding little pieces too... and that she is very patient when i can't remember exactly how it goes

there are so many things i love about that special little seven year old girl. i look forward to all the years ahead... growing together.

moving up

everything has been so fast paced with this project of ours lately. the kids are officially in their new rooms. it is wonderful. i took these pictures the day we started moving them in. when everything is more in it's organized, finalized state i will take more pictures and share. then we will begin fixing up their old room for the little girls. that project will go sooo much quicker than this one... very exciting!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

a finished floor

isn't it beautiful?

all of the hard work...
all of the waiting...
it is finally beginning to pay off.

matt and a good friend of the family, ian, got all of the base boards cut and ready to paint in one evening. it was my job to primer and paint. but then papa chuck came to visit....

chuck: are these ready to be painted?
me: yes.
chuck: do you have everything to paint them?
me: yes.
chuck: can you find me some plastic and sawhorses?
me: sure, when do you want to get started?
chuck: right now.

 thank you so much papa chuck... just like that we are one step closer.

... but right now

we are going to build an amazing patio on the back of that old shed. one that is beautiful and lives up to the view.

but right now...
we still have the great view...

and some pretty amazing company to go with it.

we will re-fence the yard and i will never have to look at that dilapidated old piece of wire again.
but right now...
it is at least keeping the cows out and we are lucky to have the space to have cows anyway.

and someday...
i am going to turn that old shed into a studio and i am going to make things in there... 
i don't know what yet, but i see it in my future.

and right now....
having these dreams and letting them out for all to see...
that makes me smile.... and it gives me something to be excited about in the future. after all, if you want your dreams to come true... the first thing you need to do is embrace what they are and talking about them is the first step in making them a reality.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

steady progress

our upstairs project is finally nearing completion. i am just over the moon excited. this project has constantly been in a leap... pause... sort of rhythm. but now, it is flowing along quite steady. in the photos above we were "filling" the cracks... and this floor had many cracks. we would smear the wood filler over the cracks and let it harden and then scrub over the top with a wet rag until everything washed off except the filler in the crack. yes, it was as daunting as it sounds. matt worked on that step for 10 hours one day. we are very glad it's over. now he is on the fun (and beautiful) part... sealing and finishing. 
the chore charts above are an attempt of mine to keep things running smoothly around here. at the very beginning of summer i made a list of things that would need to be done every day and things that would need to be done certain days of the week. then i typed up a document for each day of the week in open office. now, i just go and print out the days checklist at breakfast time and they know when they finish breakfast they have to complete their morning checklist.. and after lunch they have to complete their afternoon checklist... and unfortunately we haven't completed the evening checklist once, but we will get there. it has really been helping. in the morning i don't have to say anything to the big kids except "have you finished your checklist?" i do go around and help eislee complete hers and ollie doesn't have one yet. there are some days that i don't even print it out but it really does help the days that i do. and anything that helps at all with keeping the order around here... i am very excited about.

Monday, July 1, 2013

the first camping trip of the season

what a wonderful weekend.
we went camping with two other families and we all have kids right around the same ages. we decided to go someplace nice and close... hello south beach! and the weather was absolutely perfect.
i think summer is officially here.
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