Friday, July 19, 2013

seven things

over the weekend my sweet layla bee turned seven.... seven.... goodness, it's going so fast. i am absolutely in love with the young girl she is becoming. such a special soul. so, for her seventh birthday i would like to share seven things i love about my sweet hearted seven year old.

seven things i love about my seven year old

  • i love the way she calls her little sisters "sweetie" and "honey"
  • i love that she always gives a genuine and thoughtful apology (well, almost always anyway)
  • i love the way she will just randomly bust out opera singing and then ask if she is a good singer.... my answer is always yes
  • i love how easily she can recognize when one of her siblings needs a little positive reinforcement
  • i love how strong she is. i love watching her developing her own sense of self and sticking with it.
  • i love the way she reminds me to smile and always tells me how much she loves it when i do
  • i love that she and i have a secret handshake which she is constantly adding little pieces too... and that she is very patient when i can't remember exactly how it goes

there are so many things i love about that special little seven year old girl. i look forward to all the years ahead... growing together.

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