Monday, August 19, 2013

i have a nine year old

i like this age... and i love this boy. the older they get the more fun we can have together. and the more they can help... the more time i have to do fun things with them. 
often times i find myself saying when the little ones are older... then we will do that... or then we will have time for this. but the more i think about it the more i realize that when the littles are older, the big ones will be quite big and much of my time with them will have passed. so no matter how hard it is, i must make time now. that statement is easy to say and sometimes very hard to actually do. 
i have one very special young man here. he is compassionate and kind, creative and sometimes very determined, intelligent, thoughtful, caring... the list truly goes on and on... and in tradition... here is a list of things i love about him.

nine things i love about my nine year old
  • i love his new love of cooking and how he likes to be involved in the kitchen
  • i love his dreams... someday he wants to be a chef... and a real cowboy with a horse and a ranch
  • i love the way he adds "play with kids" to the bottom of every checklist that i make
  • i love his laugh
  • and the way he stills twirls his hair when he's tired
  • i love his excellent taste in music (and his interest in making music)
  • i love how cautious and careful he is (it is so nice to have one of those in the family)
  • i love that he loves to build things and experiment
  • and i LOVE how sweet, sensitive, and extremely thoughtful he can be
and, of course, there are many more things i love about this special boy.
here's to another year of birthdays!

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