Monday, November 18, 2013

as the days grow short

  • i love these beautiful foggy mornings... there is something mysterious and magical about the mix of fog and vibrant fall trees.
  • we are so close to the shortest day now and once again i feel it's effect on my family.... everyone tired and a bit more irritable this time of year... i'm glad we have lots of holiday celebrating to get us through.
  • i have been consistently working on one creative project or the other... it feels so good.
  • my creative spirits have been giving my children a pull to come work along side me on some projects of their own.... we are all falling in love with the stamp making.
  • the christmas spirit is catching in this house and will soon be spreading like a wild fire.
  • i never thought i would be one to play christmas music before thanksgiving... but i surprised myself this year with a yearning for old bing crosby... nothing gets me in the christmas spirit like "have yourself a merry little christmas".

if your interested in stamp making the book that we learned from is in the reading section of my sidebar... it is called "making an impression" and if you click on the picture it will redirect you to amazon where you can look inside the book and read reviews... it is a very inspiring book.


amanda said...

wow~ your home/farm look so dreamy and lovely, I actually just added one of these photos to one of my pinterest boards. found you through your comment at Live Free. I've had that stamping book in my amazon wish-list for over a year now... maybe it's time to actually buy it! ;)

jenny said...

thanks amanda! yes, you should buy it... so so fun!! and you don't need very many supplies to get started either. i'm honored you pinned me... would love to see your board :)

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