Wednesday, December 4, 2013

i found christmas

i love the way that one cold night can transform this little farm into a frozen winter wonderland. it is especially beautiful just after sunrise when there is a pinkish blue hue to everything.... that hue combined with the white frost is so peaceful.... that, and the extreme quiet that only happens this time of year. 

christmas made an appearance here a couple weeks ago in the form of a paper snowflake marathon, the addition of christmas lights in (almost) every bedroom, and the annual performance of santa and his reindeer. it's a tradition now for maiko to dress up in a santa hat and carry a pillowcase full of random things around the house and deliver them to every person present. below you will see santa on his sleigh pulled by his little reindeer and followed by his reindeer assistant each with a pillow sack of gifts.

each and every year my fondness for this holiday seems to grow. i am in love with the joy and light that now becomes a focus during these darkest days of the year. the more aware i become of this season and its effect on everything in it's wake i become so thankful for a pleasant distraction.

on a side note... i plan to do a proper ornament tutorial. every year we make clay ornaments, and it has become such a natural process for us now that i believe it is time to share or method. 

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