Wednesday, January 22, 2014

here and now

 i am back from a somewhat forced break... broke charger to laptop.... ordered wrong charger.... sent back.... ordered the right charger.... and now here we are.

we have been working hard as a family to find a nice new rhythm in these short winter days. perfecting our flow... switching things up... trying some new ideas... i like how it's going.

i have had a busy week and don't feel fully present in this space right here and now so i am going to leave you with a quick list referencing my photos above...

1. layla stitching by the fire. i am excited to start teaching her more about sewing.

2. experimenting with beading on leather string.

3. i'm not the only one who is over the moon excited about the rebound of flannel, right?!?

4. ponies and piggies... what's not to love?

5. my new mantra.... "let it go"... (and a new love for all the beautiful washi tape)

6. progress on "kelsea's" hair... more on that soon

7. my bedroom windowsill and the end of the paperwhites

8. fairy houses in my flower bed... built by my kiddos with help from their auntie amber and little cousin jude. i love them so much... the auntie and the cousin.... and the fairy houses (and the uncle too!)

life has been so full... in such a wonderful way... i see great things in store for this year.
tomorrow, matt and me head off to the city for a much needed weekend away.
see you next week... fully present and centered.... a fresh new jenny
 (this is all wishful thinking... i will probably be tired and foggy... but i will have fun none the less!)

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