Thursday, February 27, 2014

little bits of right now

we have two different "craft" cabinets in this house and both are usually in a constant state of chaos. i have been noticing lately that the things in these cabinets that have a place of their own usually find their way back to that place though. so, i am slowly going through and organizing said cabinets and doing my best to give everything it's very own place. 

above... for a pinterest project... yes, i do actually do the things i pin.... sometimes...

maiko, my official bird man, has completely taken over the care of the chickens. he even worries about them, it is very sweet. someday he would like to have a farm full of animals... 
maybe someday.
maiko also took the two photos below of the canadian honkers that like to hang out in the field.... that is (part of) the view from my kitchen... it's a wonderful distraction from the kitchen itself... you know... old farm house... in dire need of a kitchen remodel.... but with a fantastic view.

messy desk = a new stamp

the book that taught me stamp carving... "making an impression" by geninne zlatkis
and the card layla made for her friend with my stamps. she wrote "forest of love" at the top... dear sweet hearted girl.
and... my new stamp... although i did use the motif from geninne's book so i can't take any credit for that.

and my littlest ollie... asking again and again "can i stamp it mama?" sure sweet girl... go right ahead.


amanda said...

ooooooh I love your acorn stamp! and that view- gosh, I'd never get anything done if I had that outside my kitchen window.

amanda said...

oh! and we have two of the very same chickens~ blue wheaten ameraucanas,right? love them.

jenny said...

yes :) love those chickens... so sweet and pretty. the acorn stamp is also a motif in geninne's book... i suppose you may have noticed that already :) and yes, sometimes the view can be very distracting :)

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