Thursday, February 13, 2014

valentine crafting... it's a tradition now

minecraft valentine free printable - find it here

"nerds" valentine free printable - find it here or in my sidebar

heart shaped pencil holder free printables - find here

and the arrow pencil holder free printables - find here

i have pinterest to thank for the finding of each of those cute valentine printables.

terrible picture... 
layla begged me to help her make her teacher a special gift late last night... how could i refuse?? the really funny thing is that maiko had talked matt into helping him make homemade batteries out of spare change, potatoes, and vinigar (and possibly other things...) around the same time. it's like they found our weakness... they got to stay up past bedtime because they each asked one of us to help them with something we love. i found it rather amusing... and quite fun.

and i just love our valentine crafting...
we all look forward to it each year (and by all i mean me and the kids). we scour the interest looking for fun ideas (and free printables), then i print and assemble the various needed items, and then they do the making... with a little help from me. the older the older kids get the less help they need from me because they all help each other. layla loves the crafting more than any of the others and she not only made her valentines entirely by herself, but then helped everyone else make theirs... sigh... my sweet little crafters... makes a mama proud :)

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