Wednesday, March 26, 2014

settling in


the lilacs and tulips are always a very sure sign that spring is here... at this point the sunny days usually start to out number the rainy days... and we know that we have just about made it.


i am unpacking suits, fancy shoes, and sparkly dresses... with this lovely haze of a most memorable weekend floating threw my head. can you believe that i didn't take any picures?? only about three on my iphone... sigh... i would've loved to share some of them with you today, but i should be able to get some a little later to share. actually, there are a few in my instagram feed in my right sidebar.

everything was absolutely wonderful... desert, palm trees, crystal clear swimming pools,tropical looking flowers, little white lights, various shades of coral, pink, and gray, floating chandeliers, citrus cocktails, dancing late into the night. a perfect start for a perfect couple. we love them both so much, and we are so full of happiness for them and their new life together.

luckily, spring break was just beginning when we returned... and we are easily settling back into home.

brand new crayons, freshly sharpened colored and graphite pencils, tell me i am not the only one who gets excited about these things!? also, just loving these chalkboard labels from martha. labels give me this false sense of hope that things will find their way back to where they "belong".... not to mention that they look really cute. the chalkboard part is what really gets me though. i constantly change my mind about what i want to use things for and exactly how i want things stored or sorted... and these erasable labels give me the freedom to change my mind all i want... love it!

a week or two before leaving for california i signed all of the kids up for a "swap" just like the one that i did. they will all be making little crafts and mailing them to various other kids all over the country, and then they will receive packages as well. we decided before the trip what we would make for everyone and now we have officially started the crafting. eislee's friend will receive some flower fairies, a beaded necklace, and some homemade playdough. layla will be making her friend the "kitty purse" above, and then jewelry, and maybe some flower fairies or a flower hair clip. i will share the rest as we work on them... but there is one new thing we will be experimenting with that i am very excited about! 

.... and i will tell you all about it once we get started!

but just in case you are dying of curiosity (not likely... i realize) i will share the link here:

1 comment:

Tracey said...

I don't think there is anything better than a brand new box of crayons!
I'm glad you had a great time in CA. I haven't visited there in so long and kind of miss it.
Have a great weekend with your beautiful family.

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