Tuesday, March 11, 2014

white paint

little painters...
 they were painting out on the porch so sweetly together.
mommy got a phone call and talked for a bit while folding laundry and then went to check on sweet little girls... found them painting each others faces... they had already painted the white porch... oy... how does it happen so fast??

the plants...
my aloe vera had babies... seven of them.
 i saw the clay pots with distressed white paint and chalkboard labels on pinterest. then the heavens opened up and i actually finished a pinterest project... yes... i did it. i put a link to the tutorial in my sidebar.

the banner...
layla has been requesting a banner of her own ever since the one for the blogger swap.
i let her do the stenciling on her own and with a little helping (and a whole lot of hovering) she sewed the pendants to the bias tape as well. i am very proud of her and so excited to see this desire in her for making... what fun we will have together!

our weekend was nice and slow... just what we all needed.
i barely picked up the camera once... partly because i wanted to just enjoy the moment... and partly because the light was just so awful. i am finally noticing a difference now... the days are starting to feel long... and the sun is probably winning 4 out of 10 battles with the clouds and rain (and i'm talking about daily battles here)... we are finally at the end of it... thank goodness.

... and next week.... wait... next week... really!?!.... yep... next week... we head to sunny california to officially welcome a new member to the family... although it truly feels that he has always been one of us... he just fits so perfectly. we love you auntie rebecky and uncle G-no!!


Lady Cordelia said...

love it all! so so fun and creative! nice job mama!

jenny said...

thank you :)

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