Friday, August 1, 2014

the end of july

  • do you like my vintage chairs? i had been keeping my eye out for some chairs... these i saw sitting for sale on the side of the road... and they were perfect... i can't remember if the guy said they were from the 60's or 70's but they are in great shape and fit in perfectly with everything else in our living room... well... everything we plan to keep anyway. i am supposed to find us some couches this summer because ours are literally falling apart. they served us a good eight years, and we received them used (and free) but goodness it has been time for a new set for far too long... hopefully next month (but i do say that every month.... hmmm).
  • the typewriter has been out quite a bit recently. now that most of the children are old enough to use it without me completely hovering. 
  • i had a couple of special stamp requests which i finally finished. i think it took me a month (our summer has been SO busy). the butterfly stamp was a request from an old friend for his lady. he sent me the image and i made an identical stamp. the tree trunk and leaf were a trade i made with summer. she wanted some stamps for her adorable etsy shop the knothole tree. i will share more about our special trade soon.
  • the kitchen has been a mess of tuna canning, blueberry freezing, and now blackberry jelly (there are blackberries everywhere out here). aside from the preserving... our weeks have been full with swim club, the library reading program, birthday parties, and gathering with friends and family at every turn. it has been fantastic... but i did recently have my first longing for the slow down of fall.
  • there was also a little bug loving girl who turned five (more soon)... and very soon there will be a boy turning ten... oh my!

i have so many things i want to share! i am hoping to find time to check in here more often and share it all.

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summer said...

that chair is oh so cool!!

Looks like you all had a full and lovely July! This summer is going by way to quickly!!
Thank you again for your stamps! I love them, I adore them and I just started using them to send off my etsy store stuff! I feel legit with real stamps! :)

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