Thursday, January 29, 2015

dolls and their dresses

it was one of those weekends.
a completely open schedule, a long to-do list, and absolutely no motivation to do any of it.
then layla asked me (like she has been doing for the last year) "mom, can we make our dolls some dresses today?" my answer to this question is typically, "not now sweety, there isn't enough time" and honestly, she usually asks when there truly is not enough time... but this day was different... we had an open weekend... a to-do list that was really not that important (and i wasn't doing any of it anyway)... so the answer was "yes."
i did make their dolls. i made charlotte for eislee in 2012 (you can read more about that process herehereherehere, and here), and i made kelsie for layla in 2013 (you can read about that in this post). i have been promising these poor girls dresses for years now! so, it was a really big check on my to-do list as well. it was SO fun working through this process with my girls. they were so excited, and it had been months since i had touched my sewing machine. this was the first dress pattern i had ever made. i was pretty nervous, and wasn't even completely sure i could actually do it. which made it that much more gratifying and exciting when they turned out so perfect and adorable.
i did a simple yoke for the top, and a gathered skirt. instead of hemming we used a trim on the bottom and on the middle seam. a simple button closure on the back... with an elastic hair band loop. then some decorative buttons down the front. perfect. and perfectly fun.
now, i have a pattern so we can make dresses anytime... and it can be adapted to have long sleeve dresses... then nightgowns... and we need to make some felt shoes... and probably a jacket.... some underwear? oh, the list of fun goes on and on. i suppose next up though is a doll for miss ollie jane, or at least a dress for monkey.

Monday, January 26, 2015

filling blank space

doesn't it feel good to fill a blank space?

this wall really needed something... so we filled it.
 the little ladies helped. it's not perfect, but it is an improvement.

next, we plan to start on the flower beds... with no chickens to scratch them up this year... i plan to plant my heart out. i must admit though, i was feeling very sentimental over little chicks recently.... mostly because of this postthis post, and especially this postthis post, and this post.... aaaahhh.... i MUST be strong! i need to give myself at least a FULL year off from them... and most importantly... when we do get chickens again i want to do things differently. i want to build them a coop someplace away from the yard, and fence them out of it! no more scratched up flowers, and no more poopy porches... i know i can't take anymore of that. so, a break it is... for now.

if your dying to see some baby chick pics.... since i sadly don't have any for you this year... click on the links i posted above.... sweet, adorable, fuzzy, little chicks (and kids)... enjoy.

Friday, January 23, 2015

right now...

above: what i made for the teacher swap... below: what i received from the teacher swap
(isn't she lovely?)

there has been rest, rain, messy hair, and pajamas in the afternoon. there has been art, sewing, board games, and many cups of tea.

there was a late season land owner's tag... many hours logged hunting, butchering, packaging, and cleaning... and now a freezer full of good meat. i am full of gratitude for the life that was lost so that we can feed our family good lean protein another year. i am also so thankful for all of the help we had with the process this year... i do believe it was the best one yet.

there is another quiet weekend ahead of us, and i am truly learning to love winter. the quiet, the calm, the rest... time actually slows down during these few short months and although i long for that warm sun... i can wait... and savor what i have right now.

Monday, January 5, 2015

holiday healing

  • winter is here. there is such a beauty in it. the simplicity? maybe. grays, browns, so many shades of green... naked branches twisting up into a white sky. the dark and cold pushing us in to rest whether we want to or not.
  • there are three calves. the third was born christmas eve. he is all black and his name is coal. with all of the holiday chaos he was never banded... so now he will be "big black coal the bull"... doesn't that sound like trouble?
  • our after the holiday quiet has just begun. it is such a wonderful thing... all of the gathering together, and quality time connecting with our loves. but after it's all over... the quiet and stillness is just as wonderful... and so needed.
  • i mentioned before that we were going to do our gifting differently this year. there were three family gifts: the microscope above, a world globe with some (used) geography books and atlas's... all intended for children, and their own stamp carving supplies and ink pads. then they each got one individual gift. it was perfect.
  • i have finally started reading a fiction book again, and i love it. i knew i wanted to read this one, and with a name like "the snow child" i also knew that i wanted it to be a winter read.
  • an impromptu tea party... because they asked so sweetly. five minutes. hot herbal tea, toasted cinnamon bread that grandma brought from great harvest, and a chilly winter breeze. it is always such a simple and easy way to connect with my girls. and each time i'm reminded why i need to say "yes" more often.
there is a season of rest and recovery ahead...
and the golden opportunity of a new year... full of possibilities and surprises...
i just LOVE a fresh start.
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