Thursday, March 19, 2015

the last glimpse of winter

spring has come to oregon. it has been here for awhile. but you can still see a hint of winter in the early morning hours, and it is quite lovely. i love the quiet and stillness of winter. but i also LOVE the busy chatter of spring.

an early spring cold took hold of our family over the last week. so, there have been many quiet and restful activities coming out. my daughters have been working on their embroidery skills, and the oldest knows three different stitches now. they all know the running stitch, but now layla can back stitch and satin stitch. so fun. this little project was inspired by the montessori were my little girls go to school. they often make an embroidery pattern from a child's drawing. layla drew this flower with embroidery on her mind and it has been perfect. 

that little swatch of brown paper with white flowers was the paper that inspired my desktop.

and holly... sweet holly... she finds her way into the yard every single day.
 what a joy the little things can be.


Kim said...

We are enjoying the last glimpses of winter too, and excitedly welcoming spring :)

Those first photos are just stunning, and the embroidery is beautiful. Might have to try something like that with my little man, right now he is good with the running stitch, and outlining what has been drawn...might be time for a new stitch and heading inside the drawing. Thanks for the inspiration.

Coco said...

Oh my goodness, is this really where you live?! I had started to gather that it was a beautiful spot, but this, well I am so jealous.

I'm inspired by the embroidery. It is so beautiful. I've been thinking about this as a new handwork hobby for myself. And starting to wonder when my five year old might be interested?

We have one chicken, an Araucana who has refused to engage in scandalous behavior with our Rooster. Following his lead, the hens tend to pick on her a bit. Since she's never had her wings clipped she escapes everyday and roams about the yard in blissful solitude and celebacy ;)

jenny said...

thank you!! and coco... yes, this is where i live. those photos were snapped in my son's bedroom window. i thank my lucky stars every day for this amazing place. i can't believe we get to live here.

my five year old enjoys embroidery... i just keep it very simple for her. we do a little drawing and then dots to mark where her needle will go in and out :) and she does all running stitch. i have been thinking that i need to do it more myself.

sounds like you have a great chicken... i just love the ones with so much character.

Yanic said...

Those pictures are stunning. What a beautiful place you live in. My husband and I have always said that if EVER something would bring us back to the states, Oregon or Washington states would be on the top of our list.

Your Little Miss is very skilled. Just beautiful.

I hope you all are feeling better. We are far from feeling like Spring, but we do have little bits of it here and there. This morning, it's mid-40s weather and rain. Definitely better than the 5 inches of snow we got last week. :-)

Have a lovely day dear Jenny. xo

Summer said...

Welcome spring!! You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place! I swear, everytime you post photos, I want to paint them! ;)
I love the girls embroidery! So lovely!! What does she (they) plan to do with their art?

Happy days to you friend!

jenny said...

yanic- thank you :) it's lovely to hear that out of all of the areas you would choose to come here. how crazy would it be if we were state neighbors :)
summer- paint away!! i love to see this place through your eyes :) i am always so impressed with how you capture it so perfectly! we have no plans for her art thus far... i didn't even think about that... thanks for the thought :)

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