Saturday, July 4, 2015

a different kind of freedom

experimenting with wood grain for a very special stamp. 

garlic flowers on my desk. the entire bedroom smells of garlic, and it's wonderful.

oh my...
this summer schedule has been so good for my soul.
staying home with little to no schedule for four days straight... that's my idea of a wonderful summer.
finally there is time... time to create... time to mend... time to dream... time to play.

now... i must say... with four children at home for four days straight it certainly isn't all sunshine and rainbows. they get awfully bored and restless after a couple days, so it is certainly a delicate balance. i swore the other day that i might lose it if the bickering didn't stop. luckily it did stop. i am learning that it benefits all of us if i stop here and there to play with the children. i have also been enjoying some time to dream up some ideas for more fun around here. this summer i feel like some of these dreams might finally become a reality. 

the dreaming has always come easy to me. it's the making them come true part that i struggle with, but i am working on that. 

happy fourth of july friends.
i feel i am celebrating freedom in my own way this year. freedom of schedule.


Kim said...

So happy you are enjoying your slow and simple days. Life looks and sounds good, soak it up.

Have the most wonderful week.

Lady Cordelia said...

How beautiful. Photos and words. Love love love love.
I feel like everytime I visit you I say I have pasture envy. So I won't say it this time. ; )
Come visit me here if you want, mama:

amanda said...

love that wood grain stamp experiment- I bet that will be one awesome stamp!
also- happy freedom of schedule days to you :)

and... these photos are so lovely- but number 7 really rocks my world- the light coming through the clover flowers... sigh

summer said...

Your photos are stunning!! Those clover photos!! Gah!! I can't wait to see what you do with the wood grain stamp. Looks beautiful already!!

Yanic said...

Oh I so know ow you feel. With my little man's medical appointments finally being done for summer, our wall calendar has nothing on it besides amazing activities with friends and concerts in the park, picking strawberries and canning food... it's a wonderful time. Keep enjoying it! xo

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