Saturday, November 21, 2015

finding the balance

i have had a change of heart. i will not be selling my stamps at this time. a few ridiculously busy weeks showed me that my time is a very unpredictable thing this year, and with a few other big commitments on the horizon... i realize that any spare time i have this year i need to just spend creating and not worry about a profit. i teetered back and forth with this new decision, mostly because i wanted to follow through with what i said i was going to do. i began to realize about a week ago that this new endeavor was creating quite a weight on my shoulders that i could easy remove... so there you have it... weight lifted. i am very sorry if i have disappointed anyone... if you really want a set feel free to tell me so in a comment with a contact email and we can work something out. i am still doing trades... i am actually involved in a couple of those right now.

after some focused work last weekend, i finally finished preserving the last of the apples. all we have left now is this one little box for eating (and it's about half that now). i am also trying to deal with some of those pumpkins lining the front porch. i have been steaming, baking, and boiling, then turning them into puree. i really need some new recipes though. we are not the biggest pumpkin fans around here. 

then there's christmas...
which has been constantly creeping in ever since the calendar page turned to november, and i must admit... i love it. they have been humming carols, creating decorations, and even planning gifts. it is such a shining light in these dark days to focus on something that can be centered around love, light, and giving. not that it's been all love and light around here... there has been that same old negative energy building as well. i feel it every year at this time. i believe it is a combination of the dark, cold, and even the excitement of christmas creates a sort of excited anxiety in my children (in all of us). 
i usually just try to keep things simple and keep the focus on giving.
here we are... yet another holiday season in full swing.


amanda said...

hello, friend! good for you to have acknowledged the weight your endeavors were placing on your shoulders, and for giving yourself permission to just let it go. that can be so hard to do. and you can always go back to it at anytime, after all. I hope these days are filled with lots of happiness and light and celebrating for you, and that the weight and the darkness stay at bay. sending love from across the states!

Kim said...

Christmas has fully crept in here, and little man and I are loving it. I think you made the right decision, it is hard to let go sometimes, but when we do the relief we often feels shows us it was the right decision.

Yanic said...

Yep, we had pomised ourselves we would wait until Dec 1st to bring Xmas in, but we just couldn't do it. The twinkle lights went up inside and outside this week and the craft "clothes pin line" has been cleared of fall pictures and snow fairies and snowflake mandalas have been replacing them.

I understand about your stamps. It never feels good to have something you love to do be a stress.

If I can suggest a few recipes for that pumpkin puree :

Hope these help! :-)

jenny said...

thank you for your wonderful supportive thoughts dear friends! you are all such a light in my life. and thank you for the recipes yanic!! yes! can't wait to put them to use, they sound delightful.

Amber Mento said...

Hey Jenn! For pumpkin it's really good in smoothies and I like to put mine in oatmeal and mix it with yogurt cinnamon and granola too! Yum!

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