Thursday, July 6, 2017

fireworks of a different kind

Sitting around a crackling fire watching the sun set on the river, watching my children (and the neighbor's child) swim and kayak in the golden water. Cold drinks. Friendly conversation. Bursts of laughter become background music. Long grasses swaying gently in the breeze.
 This is how I want to remember our summers.
This is the part that stands out from the rest of the year and makes it so special.

We leave tomorrow, and will spend a week with friends and family living in a houseboat on Shasta Lake. I have never taken a vacation like this before. I feel so relaxed and excited for this vacation... which is kind of bazaar because typically anything that involves water tends to make me a bit of a nervous wreak. But... my kids are older now and I have relaxed quite a bit. We are all so excited.

The photos...
-The kitten that came and went.
-Pineapple and jalapeno infused tequila... 2 cups of pineapple in 750ml of tequila... let that sit for 3-4 days... then add 2 jalapenos (without seeds) for 1-2 more days... then strain and save the pineapple chunks to blend up and add to margaritas... yum!!

Friday, June 30, 2017

summer bliss

Long days. Long grasses. Water that glistens in the warm sun.
A crackling fire and so many stars.
Little flowers everywhere, and birds singing with all their heart.
Everything is glowing.
Freckled skin slowly browning and occasionally a light glowing pink.
Hair growing lighter by the day, tangled, washed in lake water and dried by the sun.
How is it still June? It feels like so much time has passed.
I am exhausted and elated.
This is summer.

prints above:

teacher gifts:
This cranberry ginger granola, bug spray from this book, these bottlesthese labels, with this paper on top of the jars, chocolate. Then jars spray painted white, tied with string, and filled with flowers.

Last week I found a new home for our remaining chickens. We had one rooster and one hen left. There are so many things that need attention around here in this short season... it feels wonderful to be able to put "building a new chicken coop" at the end of the list. Although I was sad to see them go (we have never had such a non aggressive rooster before), It was quite a relief to have one less thing on the "to-do" list for this summer. 
Then two days after the chickens left... my daughter found a little lost kitten. ahem. down two pets. add one. hmm. It is so sweet, and so fluffy, and so little (and SO flea infested). I put up signs and am still hopeful we will find the owners. My daughters hope we don't find the owners. When I printed the signs they argued that we should only put up one sign and take it down after two days. Oh, these girls. I get it. Kittens are so sweet. It is sleeping at the base of my chair at this very moment. A fluffy little black and white ball.
My kids are at a great age for a kitten. They are taking such good care of it. They have even been helping me tackle the fleas. They all stand around ready to do their part as I wash it with dish soap and then pick out the fleas with a tiny comb. Some of them even take a turn flea picking. 

I think that this summer... this "kitten experience"... will forever be engrained in their hearts.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Meet Yashica

 Everything I learned about photography... I learned with film.
 My high school had a wonderful photography program that I completed, and then began "independent study" which pretty much meant I had free range of the dark room and chose my own projects. I not only learned the basics of taking a shot, but I also learned how to develop my own film, and develop my own prints. Then in independent study I began to learn a new side of photography and the darkroom... manipulating your images as you print them. 
I am so grateful for that program and all that it taught me.

 Lately, I've been a bit obsessed with vintage cameras (especially working ones that you can still purchase film for... and especially ones with the viewfinder on top... ahem). So, when I found this beauty for sale on craigslist for an extremely reasonable price... I was certain she was meant to be with me.

Thank goodness for YouTube. I have been learning everything I need to know about actually using this camera thanks to the numerous videos on the subject. I also found the incredible video below that shares a bunch of photos taken in New York in the 1950's with a twin lens camera (which is what my new/old camera is). The incredible shots and the way they truly tell a story about that time makes me feel a need to take up street photography. It seems like such a special way to capture history. 

Of course, my recent return to film photography and my first vintage camera purchase are igniting a bit of a fire in me. I feel a desperate need to find a dark room... or build one. And I do believe this vintage camera purchase is just the first of my collection. 
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