Thursday, May 18, 2017

a different kind of home school

This girl. My oldest daughter. My fifth grader.
She is homeschooling this year.
Just her.
There was no problem with the public school she was attending. No problem with her teacher, or classmates, or anything. We just decided that we want to have each kid home school for a year or two while the others attend public school. This allows us to spend some real quality time with each kid on their own. The timing should work out perfectly. Layla is homeschooling this year and then plans to go to middle school next year. Maiko plans to home school next year for seventh, and then eighth grade, and then go to high school. I am so excited that we get to have this special one on one time with each of them before they go off to middle and high school. We all know how fast that time will go, and then they will be all grown up. When Eislee and Ollie get older we plan to do the same with them.
There were certainly ups and plenty of downs when we started, but now we have fallen into a routine and it's wonderful. Layla is so easy to home school. She is extremely self motivated.

As a parent it is such an amazing thing, to get time with your child alone, especially when you have a big family. They are a different person alone than they are around their siblings, or their friends. This quality time with each child (and at such an influential age!) is a parent's dream.
We are so lucky we get to make this happen.


Holly said...

This is such a great idea that I love. I believe it is the right of every parent to educate their children in the best way they see fit to do it. Also, a healthy attachment to parents and family is key to a happy, healthy, flourishing adult. This is a great way to achieve both. Way to go Jenny and Matt!

Kim said...

What a lovely idea, and how lucky are your kiddos to have that one on one time. And lucky you too. I can imagine that they feel very special to have that time with you. Have a beautiful weekend.

Carlin said...

I love this idea so much Jenny, what great parents you are. And please tell me about this sweet bunny because I am tempted. What kind is it?

jenny said...

thank you friends :) your support means so much!
carlin- he is a holland lop... best pet experience i have ever had!! maybe i should do a post on him soon sharing our experience as bunny owners :)

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