Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Oh October!

This month has flown by... with the seven days a week soccer I mentioned in the post before, and with the addition of caring for my mom after her surgery... things have been a little crazy around here. But those same things have also been wonderful. 
Soccer was a lot of fun, but I am happy to say that it is starting to slow down now. In another week it should be completely over. 
The extra time with my mom has also been very special. I am so glad she stayed here. That is also going to change over the next week though. She has healed so quickly that she is already capable of returning home. She will have special people checking in on her daily over there as she continues her recovery.
Well, I wanted to drop in real quick and share some of these October photos before the month came to an end. I may have cut it a bit close, eh? Now I am off to help with Halloween costumes and makeup.


  1. such sweetness. i love the photo of your mom reading with your young'un. also, i am so curious about your spiral cookies (are they cookies? they look delicious!) i have a spiral thing... would love to find out more! i also just love seeing your lino pieces (here and on fb) and sometime would love to have a play date with you on that subject in person. :)

    1. they are sugar cookies! was the most amount of work i have ever put in to cookies but it was so fun to see them turn out. here is where you can find the recipe: . i would love to do an art play date sometime!!

  2. Here's a blog post idea for you: how do you keep it all together when you are so busy? :) I love the deer costume and wish I could have some of your amazing by sunsets framed over my couch.

  3. the crazy thing is those photos didn't even do that sunset justice. it was so beautiful! i think maiko actually took those photos. he has been getting really into photography. layla did the deer makeup all on her own. i just asked to take a picture of it ;) as far as keeping it all together goes... i don't! haven't we discussed this before? lol. i just take pictures of the pretty things. my house was a disaster almost all month long! and the night we made those cookies... we ate cookies for dinner because i used my dinner making time to bake cookies instead! i guess i need to write a post that focuses on my true reality... "behind the photos" or "what you don't see".

  4. Replies
    1. thank you!! i'm not much of a writer, so i tend to document our days with photos. i need to get better about taking the camera out when things aren't pretty though ;) i know i'll want those memories too!


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