Saturday, March 3, 2018

getting away and coming back again

:: we stayed on a coffee farm and they bloomed while we were there ::
:: do you see all of the blooming coffee below? ::

February was amazing.

One of my favorite things about vacationing is missing home,
 and if away from family... missing family too.

I think it is absolutely essential for parents to get away from time to time. Missing your children. Missing your home. Feeling so excited to return to your everyday. It is a magical feeling.

Obviously, I got away this February.
Kindred spirits, an amazing group of women. Warm sun. Black sand beaches!? 
Tropical plants. Tropical fruit. 
Soul medicine.

I returned home refreshed and inspired.
I have been reading some inspiring books. One in particular has been very inspiring... and not in the way I imagined it would. This book. 
Along with lots of reading I have caught spring cleaning fever (it always seems to get me in January or February)... the before spring cleaning fever... ha. 
Anyway, I spent a week turning our house upside down. Purging, cleaning, organizing. 
It felt so good. 
I feel like when the house is clean and orderly, my mind is free and clear.
The older I get the more the order of the house effects the order in my mind.
My poor mind.

I have been trying to do a bit of organizing and updating on this blog as well.
I recently realized that my banner and picture were from years ago.
(insert laughing hysterically emoji here)
I really enjoy experimenting with the design features on blogger. I find it hard to justify the time spent doing it though. Especially since my last post was from Christmas... oy. 
But I miss this space. I want to share here. 
Hopefully I will be back again soon.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

holiday ebb and flow

This season, it is so full of beautiful ideas and traditions.
It is much too short to fit in everything that I would like to do though.
I always plan far to many handmade Christmas gifts.
     Then there are the Christmas cards. I hadn't sent Christmas cards in years and decided it was time.

I actually really wanted to send them this year. I imagined myself thoughtfully writing out cards at my desk with a cup of coffee, adding a family picture, and popping them in the mail. The reality was a card writing frenzy... not as thoughtful as planned and dropping huge stacks of cards at the post office. Sigh. BUT I did get almost 100 cards out before Christmas and I feel pretty proud. I remember now, why I never do Christmas cards. We have A LOT of family. I didn't even get everybody... just the ones I already had addresses for.
 I am glad I did the cards. I realize now that the years I choose to do this I need to start in November. Christmas cards bring me so much joy. It feels good to finally return some of that good feeling. Even if it was a bit rushed and done with less love than planned.

     This month brought us a long streak of dry, sunny weather. So, my husband and his very close friend decided to tackle a humongous project that has been on our to do list for many years. 
Rebuild the backyard shed and make it into a little house. A summer house/guest house/shared family space. It's full purpose is still yet to be defined. It was definitely interesting timing. The project has moved along quite nicely. I am amazed at their progress in just two short weeks.

      Our puppy is quickly becoming a dog. I knew it would happen this fast but have still found myself surprised. I am really enjoying her grown-up self. She fits in so perfectly here. I was looking at pictures of last Christmas and noticed that we had a different dog in front of our tree. I find it all a bit bitter sweet. I am sad that it didn't work out for us to keep Ezra, but I am so glad that we have Tobin now. 

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