Friday, April 13, 2018

spring bits and pieces

: : red cabbage, turmeric, and coffee : : 
: : 30+ elk out front : :
: : a note found : :
: : a puppy who has nearly grown into a dog : : 
: : birthday stamp for a very special kitty loving teacher : :

: : legos on a tray (game changer) and speaking of games, a favorite, mastermind : : 
: : just split those figs into their own pots, they seem happy with the new space : : 

: : lamps and candles, gentle music... pure evening magic : :

: : after two years (?!) finally finished painting this bathroom : :
: : hellebores and lambs ear, a favorite combination : :

: : a tiny tire swing, hung by an eight year old girl : :

: : backyard is a construction zone : :
: : watched the movie, then reread the book. the book was better : :

: : kombucha and golden milk from a friend : :

: : from geninne's book : :

Saturday, March 3, 2018

getting away and coming back again

:: we stayed on a coffee farm and they bloomed while we were there ::
:: do you see all of the blooming coffee below? ::

February was amazing.

One of my favorite things about vacationing is missing home,
 and if away from family... missing family too.

I think it is absolutely essential for parents to get away from time to time. Missing your children. Missing your home. Feeling so excited to return to your everyday. It is a magical feeling.

Obviously, I got away this February.
Kindred spirits, an amazing group of women. Warm sun. Black sand beaches!? 
Tropical plants. Tropical fruit. 
Soul medicine.

I returned home refreshed and inspired.
I have been reading some inspiring books. One in particular has been very inspiring... and not in the way I imagined it would. This book. 
Along with lots of reading I have caught spring cleaning fever (it always seems to get me in January or February)... the before spring cleaning fever... ha. 
Anyway, I spent a week turning our house upside down. Purging, cleaning, organizing. 
It felt so good. 
I feel like when the house is clean and orderly, my mind is free and clear.
The older I get the more the order of the house effects the order in my mind.
My poor mind.

I have been trying to do a bit of organizing and updating on this blog as well.
I recently realized that my banner and picture were from years ago.
(insert laughing hysterically emoji here)
I really enjoy experimenting with the design features on blogger. I find it hard to justify the time spent doing it though. Especially since my last post was from Christmas... oy. 
But I miss this space. I want to share here. 
Hopefully I will be back again soon.

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