Monday, March 4, 2019

This Winter

this post is a mix of November, December, January, and February all rolled in to one!
The art is from November and December. I carved this out of a soft rubber. I am so happy with the way it came out. Yes, it is a heart with moths, weeds, and cobwebs inside, and with poppies blooming from the arteries. On another art note... I was included in an art show at a small local brewery in December and sold my first art pieces! This has been a goal of mine for some time and I am so happy that it finally happened for me.
The birthday pictures are from January when my baby turned 8!
She is such a sweet ball of fire. I love her so much. A few little details about eight year old Ollie Jane. She loves monkeys, dinosaurs, Legos, and Mine-craft. She LOVES math and has mastered multiplication and is now challenging herself with division and geometry. She also loves to read and her current favorites are "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", "The Little House on the Prairie", and "The Magic Tree house". She currently has her own room! Which is something I didn't think would happen for her at such a young age, but the older sisters decided to share for awhile. That has been fun... I will have to share more about that for another post. She learned to ride a bicycle on her birthday. She loves her overalls and wears black converse almost every single day. For her birthday dinner and she chose spaghetti with meatballs, Brussels sprouts, and then Oreo cheesecake for her desert. And her sweet brother spent a large amount ($50!) of his own money to buy her some special Legos for her birthday. They have such a sweet connection. I wanted to document these bits for her to be able to look back on someday. That is the primary reason that I will NOT abandon this blog. It has become such a special record of our lives and I do plan to continue with it and try to post more regularly (it would have been nice if this was actually posted during said birthday month... sigh).
The snow... now that was from February.
We actually got snow three different times this winter! so far anyway... it may be March but it was cold enough for snow this morning. Today is clear and beautiful, so definitely no snow. But, I am curious what the rest of the month holds for us.

Monday, January 7, 2019

The Christmas Post

Evergreen, twinkle lights, candles,
rich foods and deserts.
Making merry with sweet stories, heartfelt music, and making gifts for loved ones.
Red packages built into homes for stuffed reindeer.
Company here. Guests there.
Friends. Family. Friends. Family.
A time to see almost everyone.
Drinks, laughter, stories shared, gifts given.
A time for thinking of others.
A time to focus on creating light during the darkest days of the year.
Days that are full to the brim with merriment, that tends to last long into the night as well.
This is Christmas.

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