Friday, January 17, 2020

2019 : : Part Three : : Fall

I am glad that I went through and took a closer look before I let you go.
There are many missing pieces in the "stories" that these pictures tell, but I am glad that they are here. I am glad that there is something to share, and to hold onto.
Sometimes... I picture my kids grown up and moved away, far into their adult lives, pulling up this blog on a lonely evening and reading through their childhood and feel like it takes them home and back into my arms.
Maybe I will be the one pulling it up, when I am missing them.
It is amazing the memories one photo can hold. For example, that pink rose is not just some random rose. It is a wild rose that grew on our property, bloomed in October, and was picked by husband for me on our anniversary this year.
Document the little things my friends. The tiny little ordinary things.
 Especially when you are keeping them just for yourself.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

2019 : : Part Two : : Summer

I find it quite comical that the majority of my "summer" photos take place at the beach.
I think we visited the beach three or four times all summer. We spent so much more time at rivers and lakes. I captured a bit more of that with my phone and shared it on Instagram @phishylittlebee.
I plan to stick to my canon photos on the blog though.
I find it strange that I finally got my dream camera and then stopped taking photos... maybe I am just intimidated by the new camera... maybe it is just too easy to take phone photos and post them on Instagram. I think, mostly, it is just a shift in habit. 

Monday, January 13, 2020

2019 : : Part One : : Spring

There was certainly a lack of photos taken with my big camera last year.
But when you put an entire year into a handful of blog posts it seems like plenty.

As I try to think over the last year, or the last decade for that matter, I can't believe how fast it all has passed me by.
 As I sift through the nearly empty dozen folders of photos from that year, I begin to feel like time has passed a bit slower somehow... and my soul feels sated.
We did live... and love... and grow.
We experienced new things. Did some of the same old things a little better... and maybe some a little worse. 2019 did not just pass us by with a passing glance. Or if it did, we at least took hold and held on for the ride. I plan to hold on for next year too. As I think about the changes that the next year, or the next decade, will bring... I realize that most importantly I want to slow them down as much as possible, enjoy them, and remember them.