Saturday, June 13, 2009


so... we haven't been looking much at names... i like the name eisley (eyes-lee) but matt is not sure. maiko and layla like the name eisley too! it's really cute when you ask them what they want to name the baby they both say eisley, maiko pronounces it eyes-a-lee. i swear i didn't coach them into their decision either :) matt really likes how the kids like it and i think he's warming up to the name. we haven't been able to find a middle name to go with it though, so any suggestions would be wonderful :) i was thinking about how maiko says eyes-a-lee and came up with iza lee as a first and middle name, one where you could say it together or seperate. i like the idea of calling her iza for short. matt thinks that if we name her izalee we have to put it together and still come up with a middle name though, so that puts me back at square one!

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