Thursday, July 30, 2009

labor and delivery

well.... as soon as i decided i was going to go home and visit i went into labor... and once she decided she was ready... she came fast! contractions started the morning of the 27th and i didn't pay much attention to them because they were mild and i had been through so much false labor i figured that was what was going on but they kept on all day and in the evening when we checked into the hospital they started to hurt... then they got worse and worse fast... then my dr decided to break my water and the contractions went to two minutes apart in less than ten minutes... super painful... then i got an epidural because i was kindof a scaredy cat :) i thought it was going to get way worse but what i didn't realize (what i don't think anyone realized) is i was probably in transition then because after i had the epidural they checked me and i had dialated to ten inches! i went from 4 to 10 inches in like 4 hours! i don't know for sure but i think that's pretty fast :) so.... since i had the epidural and finally wasn't in pain anymore and didn't feel the urge to push my dr told me to take a short rest and let the contractions work on pushing her down... so after like a 20-30 minute nap it was time to push... on the first push her head started to come out... i pushed on two more contractions and she was out at 12:30am! it was amazing! i couldn't believe how fast and easy her birth was... and no stitches either! i felt great... later that morning i took a shower and we left the hospital later that day!

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