Friday, October 2, 2009

two months and four days old

she's awake most of the day now... she takes a few short naps... she makes up for it at night though... she goes to bed around nine and sleeps until like four, sometimes two, nurses once or twice and goes right back to sleep and dosen't wake up again until after i'm already up... maiko and layla get up more at night than she does! she is smiling all the time, especially for her daddy... she is such a daddy's girl... she's eating really good, as you can see :) ... and she is such a happy baby... also, she had a checkup recently and they said she was doing great (obviously) and she weighs over ten pounds now!


Anonymous said...

She is getting sooo BIG!! I miss you guys!
Love Kathi

Mom said...

She just gets more beautiful! I can't hardly wait to see you all again!

Missing you bunches!

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