Friday, January 15, 2010

the never ending project

well.... never ending for me anyway, i'm sure there are plenty of you out there that could whip this baby blanket out in a month (or maybe sooner?) but i've been working on this thing for about a year! last winter i started on three projects for the new baby: the quilt pictured, the hat she always wears, and this knitted baby blanket. the first half went pretty fast then i had the baby and well... it's been at a stand still ever since. and now the time has come for me to finish what i started (i've got other projects i want to start and if i don't finish it soon she will never get to use it!), anyways enough about that, i want to share the pattern with you... i designed it to be really easy (especially for putting down and coming back to a month or two later). i adapted it from a pattern in the book "stitch n' bitch." here goes...

the border around the outside of the blanket is seed sticth and the inside is made up of alternating boxes of knits and purls (making it identical on the other side).

materials: size 8 5.0 mm 29 in circular knitting needles, stitch markers, and a row counter (too make it easy) i used a recycled cotton yarn and i think the color is linen? sorry don't remember. i don't know anything about measuring a gauge either but i don't really think it's important for a baby blanket...

cast on 120 stitches, do not connect just turn and knit back the other way
knit 20 rows in seed stitch, k p k p (i use the row counter and if i'm on an odd row i know i need to start with a knit stitch and if i'm on an even row i need to start with a purl stitch

rows 21-50, 16 seed stitch, put marker, knit 22, pm, purl 22, pm, knit 22, pm, purt 22, pm, 16 seed stitch (the nice thing about the markers is it makes it easy you don't have to count your stitches, when you get to a marker you know to change your stitch, then with the row counter you know whether to start your seed stitch with a knit or a purl.

rows 51-80, 16 seed st, purt 22, knit 22, purl 22, knit 22, 16 seed st

rows 81-200, repeat what you did from row 21-80

rows 201-220, seed stitch

and that's it hope i didn't confuse you too much :) hopefully the pictures help, you can see in the one above the way the seed stitch wraps around and the way the boxes work in the middle (the picture has about half the blanket finished) and in the picture below you can see how i placed the markers in between the boxes. happy knitting to you!

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