Saturday, February 13, 2010

the childrens festival and my birthday

the childrens festival was hosted by layla's school and we originally planned to go together as a family.... but when we woke up that saturday morning, feb.6, everyone was really sick except me and maiko. matt was signed up to help out at the wood working booth too.... so.... i pumped and matt watched the girls.... then me and maiko went to the festival (to see if i had to cover matt's booth). we had a lot of fun, it's been so long since me and maiko were able to do something just us! it was a really nice change, it was also really nice for me to get away from the sick, demanding girls. they didn't need my help at the woodworking booth either, so me and maiko just enjoyed the festival and the time together.

maiko got to ride this horse and was so excited about it :) he got the choice to ride a sweet little pony or the big horse (which was also very sweet), i must say i was actually surprised about his pick.

when we made our visit to the woodworking booth they let maiko make a truck.
didn't he do a great job? he made the whole thing himself, i just helped him find the guide holes and held it still while he hammered.

little bee was pretty upset that she didn't get to go, but daddy made her a special treat and me and maiko picked out a cute little purple skirt for her when we stopped at the store. she was happy.

and in all the busy bustle i turned twenty five.... getting older goes so fast these days. i'm really enjoying twenty five though, it feels like a good age to be with three very active children :) i'm also really happy with my life in general right now. it's so nice when you get to this point were you really know who you are and what is important to you and life just makes sense.

what a lucky girl i am :)

here's to twenty five! and another twenty five right around the corner!


Mom said...

You are a very fortunate girl!!! You are also a blessing to everyone that knows you! Your heart and your love is so pure and vibrant it is refreshing!!! Here's to 25 more!!!! I love you sis!!!

jenny said...

thanks mom :) i love you!

amberamerica said...

I agree with mom! I am so glad you are my sister! I only wish I could come stay with you more! It's always so refreshing to come stay at your house! to see your life! It's amazing! I love you sweet Jenny! and I'm glad you and maiko got to enjoy time together! I love those hand made shirts! does she make adult sizes?

jenny said...

aaaah :) i love you too sister! can't wait until you come stay again, better make it soon :) and sorry but they only make kids clothes! just wait till you see the summer dresses :)

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