Saturday, April 10, 2010

eating solids

eislee is eating a small variety of food now, she started with some bananas i blended up for her (i made the mistake of blending with a little orange juice and she dosen't seem to be a fan of the tang). i also made her some carrots, i just steamed them until they were soft and ran them through the blender. she likes the carrots a lot. she has had some baby oatmeal mixed with breast milk too. whenever we have butternut squash or sweet potatoes for dinner i usually mash up a bit of that for her. it's pretty exciting! i'm really looking forward to making some of the recipes on this site
they have lots of baby and toddler recipes, including a great first birthday cake :) i can't believe how fast that's coming up!


amberamerica said...

That's so awesome! carrots!

jenny said...

yeah, her favorite so far!

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