Friday, May 21, 2010

what a week!

i'm so glad it's friday and that i have a long, hopefully slow weekend ahead of me. this has been a very hard week, i'm so glad it's over! eislee and layla came down with a cold over the weekend and by monday eislee was feeling pretty yucky. i decided monday night that i was going to keep layla home from school tuesday so that eislee could stay home and get lots of rest. i was really glad i kept bee home because tuesday she woke up feeling awful! then by wednesday layla was feeling better but maiko came home from school puking and continued all day that way. finally around three or four he stopped puking and thursday maiko and layla were back to their old selves. thursday is also the day we almost lost sweet little lonely only though... maiko and layla decided to give her a bath outside and when i came out to check on them... well... it didn't look good... i was pretty sure she was going to die. i brought her inside and matt held the heat lamp over her while i dried her feathers with my hairdryer. i'm happy to say she made a full recovery! but of course it couldn't end that way... late thursday night maiko woke up puking and layla woke up with an earache... sigh... today seems to be better though. i'm hopeful for the weekend. i think me and matt need to plan a little get away in the near future.

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Mom said...

Oh my goodness sis!!! Believe it or not sometimes I find myself missing those moments too :) I know your thinking I really need therapy but it is all a part of the wonderful life you have been blessed too will pass! When you guys decide to take off let me know and I will do what ever I can to help!!!!

I love you guys!

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