Monday, June 21, 2010

it finally feels like summer around here

well, at least the out of school part... the weather still feels like spring, i'm just fine with that though. what we really needed in this house is a break from the regular schedule. i'm sooo sick of that schedule. it's so nice to get some extra rest in the morning (which i can't seem to get enough of right now), and just play all day outside in the sunshine, and going to visit family and friends during the week just because we feel like it... oh yes... i'm there.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

all three together

It's been a bit busy around here the past few weeks and with the end of school approaching i can't help but feel excited... summer... oh summer... I'm soooo ready for the slow days of summer. I'm making a list of summer goals, things to do as a family, and things to accomplish around the house. there are a few things that i really want to happen this summer and i feel that if i don't make them a priority they may never happen... you know those three short months go way too fast. The list goes a bit like this: camping, swimming, visiting family and friends, painting furniture, and lots of sewing... there's a bit more but those are top priority for the moment. What's on your list?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

i love moments like this...

he doesn't want his fingernails painted but he loves painting his sisters :)

i guess i haven't posted here in quite a while now... remember that flu bug maiko got? well, it decided to go through the whole family... yuck! i am really glad it's over! maybe now things will get somewhat back to normal... normal... ha... i don't think i know what that is anymore. but what i do know is that summer is almost here and i am soooo ready for it!
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