Friday, July 2, 2010

a random assortment of photos

Oobleck all you need is cornstarch and water and you get hours of entertainment

now i know that eislee will probably want to disown me someday for posting nude baby photos on the internet but i just couldn't resist they are sooo cute! do you think she'll forgive me?

these are pictures of maiko's field day, his last day of school. did i tell you guys that he will be a kindergartner again next year? he is the youngest kid in his class and it shows... anyway, more on that later...

this was layla's end of the school year concert... oh man... it was so cute... she knew all the words to the songs and all the little dance moves... i was a proud mama.

and this little girl, who is dangerously close to a year old, is crawling all over the place and pulling up... the play kitchen is one of her favorite things to get into at the moment... the little doors and drawers... tiny steel pans she can bang on the floor... she loves it.

helping grampy man the grill...

we have been living life about a million miles a minute ever since summer started... it's pretty funny when i look back and see how i was so excited for slow summer days but all i've been doing is packing our schedule :) oh well... we're having fun. we have been enjoying visiting friends and family... we went to the eugene saturday market... we got to go to the enchanted forest in the middle of the week :) and of course the beach! i have been horrible about taking pictures though, just leaving the camera at home. i promise that next time we go to the beach i will bring the camera and get photos :) so what have you been up too?

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