Thursday, September 2, 2010

gold beach getaway-part 1

yes, we had a getaway and to tell you the truth it was about two weeks ago... i'm a little behind on the posting these days... but you don't mind, right? i also have to thank rebecca (matt's sister) for all of the beautiful photos, my goodness she is talented! she is so great at using the lighting just right, all of her pictures have this amazing glow. i am forever grateful rebecca, especially for that one of them holding hands watching the sunset on the ocean... oh... i will cherish that forever.
it seems to me that life has suddenly jumped in speed and i keep waiting for it to slow down but i'm pretty sure at this point that it won't and i'm just going to have to catch up... sigh... i guess i'm ready. for me it feels like summer just began and now it's already ending... i'm having a hard time with all of this... here it is almost fall, school is about to start, and i am not ready... not even close to ready... i'm not really sure where i'm going with this but i guess it's something along the lines of whining to you poor people about my lost summer days. i suppose the good thing is i really, really love fall, my favorite vegetables are in season in fall and there is something about that chilly weather, cozy fires, apples bubbling on the stove, and of course holidays with my children... aah... alright... i'm ready.


Mom said...

I love all of the pictures of them together! They all three have a rare bond! I'm sure Maiko is going to get in his share of fights protecting his can just see that in him...they are great friends!!! I love the first picture also!

amberamerica said...

beautiful photos! the kids look cold!!! ha ha!!! I'm gonna check with Dad but would it be cool if i came up to stay with you next week or the week after or something, even if just for a day?

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