Sunday, December 26, 2010

idaho snow

in november we traveled to idaho to visit our good friends and their wonderful children. as you can see it snowed while we were there and what fun we had! the kids had a wonderful time and now that they are a little older it was amazing to see the age gaps that used to seem big, shrink down and hardly show at all now. it was a great trip, and my first time going to idaho. it's crazy to think that next time we make a trip like that we will have to go in a minivan!

the fifteenth of october

in case your not sure what we were waiting in the courthouse for, and wondering what the corny love sign was all about... me and matt finally got married. that's right, officially mrs. newell and it feels oh so right.

Friday, December 17, 2010

farewell fall

have you missed us?

so... what started out as a one, maybe two, week break while i was waiting for matt to fix my computer quickly turned into a two month break. partially because it took matt that long to fix my computer, and partially because i have three children and quickly filled my time with other things. i really have missed this though... really.

i am actually so amazed how fast this time went. when i look back at these pictures (from november) i can't believe how much has changed. maiko looks so different now then he did in those soccer pictures. he has had a haircut and his front teeth have grown in quite a bit. the apples are long gone from the trees. the weather has made it's switch from warm and breezy to cold and wet. eislee's vocabulary has increased dramatically over the last couple weeks and my belly is growing rapidly. i'm almost eight months pregnant!

so tell me... what's new with you?
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