Friday, January 28, 2011


well... here we are a week later and still no baby... i have to admit i'm a little disappointed... but i think she knows what she's doing. it has been pretty nice having the extra time to finish up a few things.
when i look at that picture up there of those sweet grown up siblings i can't help but choke up a little. when did they get so big?

our friend pesto... my it's funny how well that name fits. this little kitty somehow gets herself "stuck" on our roof every morning. we're getting more than a little annoyed by it. but then, she comes inside and lets eislee crawl all over her and give her "snuggles" and i can't help but think well if you can put up with that then i can probably put up with the annoying roof thing. there is also a certain "big girl" who has taken over the responsibility of feeding pesto each day, and she does a wonderful job.

matt and the kids did this last summer and i love it so much. every time i see it i smile and i know it will do that for me for the rest of my life. thanks matt.

we have almost an entirely new flock of chickens now... we had a few "break-ins" in the fall and most of our older girls didn't make it. i'm quite happy with what we have now though. the new girls are very beautiful, although they are not near as friendly.

we still have a christmas tree... we moved it outside after christmas and filled it back up with water and it's doing great! maiko decided that we need to decorate it. i really like that idea, but instead of ornaments i'm thinking maybe a midwinter birds tree... pinecones with birdseed and fruit... something along those lines.

well... hopefully soon we will all be meeting my new daughter... i think today would be a great day!

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