Friday, January 21, 2011

thoughts on baby

here we are on my due date and still no baby... i suppose that is a good thing... especially since i just finished her cradle pad this morning (after feeling a little rushed by some contractions). it's amazing to me how fast this pregnancy flew by.

it's also very strange for me thinking about having a new baby when i still have a baby... i know, i know... a toddler now, but it does not feel that way.

i was feeling quite stressed about the arrival of this little one for quite some time and now i feel like i'm finally relaxing about the whole thing... i felt a lot better after i finally found her some space of her own. her clothes (and those tiny little socks) have found their way into my sewing cupboard with only the top shelf still holding some tools and buttons.

i really began the nesting after we checked this book out from the library. it is so sweet the way the family works together making the little cradle perfect for the baby. it made me remember this old cradle that was tucked away in the shop. after we brought it in and cleaned it up, i realized that it really needed a cradle pad and a new quilt to keep her nice and cozy. i have to admit i felt a little bit crazy when i brought the fabric home about two weeks before my due date, but somehow it all fell together.

oh and this hat (made by my dear friend olivia)... i don't think it could be any more perfect. i just love it. her sweet little head will stay nice and warm in this cold winter weather.

i suppose my next post will be introducing you to our sweet new addition. hopefully we won't have to wait very long... i'm getting pretty curious about this little character.

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