Wednesday, February 2, 2011

eislee... meet ollie

i think with the arrival of this new little sister one of my most pressing thoughts was "what is eislee going to think about all of this?" i was expecting quite a bit of jealousy... but, once again eislee completely surprised me. i haven't seen any jealousy (so far), what i have seen is extreme curiosity. she wants to play with ollie, somewhat thinking of her as her own personal baby doll. she will rub her head and say "niiice" and then suddenly poke her in the eye exclaiming "wha tat?" and of course when you pull her hand back telling her she has to be gentle with the new baby she squeals out "ma baby!!!" it's going to be interesting to see how this progresses. but for the most part i am absolutely amazed at how well it's all going (lots of thanks to some special grandmas for that.)

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