Tuesday, February 8, 2011

miss ollie jane

i always thought that when i got to a point like this... having so many children... that i would learn some special secret or have some deeper understanding of the inner workings of children... at least my own. the one thing i have discovered with having so many children, experiencing so many pregnancies and births is how little i actually know and how no matter how much experience you have you can't really predict how things will go.

ollie jane's birth, for example, was not at all what i expected. after having two pregnancies with girls and very similar labors, i was expecting everything to be the same. very little was the same this time. with layla and eislee i went into labor later in the morning, after the sun came up... ollie sent me to the hospital in the middle of the night, about three am, after my water broke at home (that was a first). "normally" after my water gets broken my labor goes very fast... not this time. i suppose it progressed steadily (it seemed slow compared to the previous two). delivery went quickly and here is where the similarities came in... she weighed 7lb 14oz (layla was 7lb 15oz) and she measured 21in long (layla was also 21in) and i swear she looked like eislee when she came out. ollie also nurses like layla did, wanting to suck all the time. luckily i learned a lesson with layla. i let layla nurse whenever she wanted and i suffered with torn up nipples, ouch! this time though, i recognized the signs and after ollie finished eating if she wanted to continue sucking i let her do so with a binky. yes, i suppose i am learning something with all this experience!

i am so curious to observe as they all grow up how the similarities and differences progress. the one thing i have discovered is they always surprise me.

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