Saturday, February 19, 2011

on growing up...

i am amazed at how quickly everything can change.

this little girl, for example, has suddenly "flipped a switch" and decided that she is not a baby anymore... she has decided it's time to grow up.

she watches her big brother and big sister (with so much adoration) and wants to do everything that they do. things like: feeding herself, going outside whenever they go outside, playing upstairs whenever they play upstairs, making art (eating art), etc., etc. i'm working hard to let her grow up and start doing more of the things mentioned above, except the going outside part. i am also amazed as i watch her how quickly she adapts now. she is getting really good at feeding herself (she just needs a bath after every meal), she is very cautious and careful on the stairs, she gets on her own shoes and waits by the door when the kids go outside (it breaks my heart a little each time i make her stay in... sigh).

yes, she is growing up and i think her timing is just right.

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