Wednesday, March 30, 2011

sweet summer memories

thank you so much for the sweet, encouraging comments on my last post. i'm so thankful for your wonderful support. also, i'm much better now... layla woke up crying last night and told me that she had this horrible dream that i moved to africa and she missed me sooo much. should i feel guilty that my child's bad dream makes me happy? hmmm...

i have been constantly going through old summer photos daydreaming about those sweet warm days. above are some photos that i had never shared with you. one of many afternoon siestas with a little kitten... who is all grown up. oh, how i miss those group siestas.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

these days

lately it seems like most of my days kind of run together in this never ending stream of good, bad, and all the in between. most days are good, some days are hard, and every once in awhile there's one of those days... yes, i know that you know the ones i mean.
well, unfortunately today was one of those days.
one where the baby will not let you put her down for more than a handful of minutes before she starts crying again and she does not care about the piles of dishes and laundry, and the floors and chairs that are covered in some sort of sticky something or other.... nope she just wants to be held.
so... trying to keep your head up you carry her around in one arm using the other to attempt to pick up a few things. that is when the toddler starts following you around with that whining, because she needs a nap but for some reason refuses to take one. oh... but your not done yet... then, your two older children tell you that they will most definitely not miss you at all when they are gone over the weekend. and that is when you retreat to your room and cry because your having a horrible day and no one will miss you.

but... (before you feel too sorry for me...) that's when matt comes in and gives you a hug and tells you that he will miss you and reminds you that it's just one of those days, and tomorrow will be better, and you remember that there's ice cream in the freezer... hmm... yes, ice cream. now this is where you take a few deep breaths... and you get yourself a few spoonfuls of ice cream... and possibly have a small cup of coffee.... then, refreshed, you start back into this day because that is all you can do... that... and hope that tomorrow will really be better.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

have you noticed?

so you may have noticed that i've made a few changes around here.

just to warn you i don't think i'm quite done yet... if each time you come to this page it's a little different.. know that it's just me experimenting with the new things blogger has to offer. i'd love to know what you think too. is the set up nice? is it annoying? easier to read, or difficult? i'm not sure what i think yet, but i am planning on continuing to change things bit by bit until it feels just right. it's funny, i just wanted to change the size of my photos at first, then i thought i'd try a new layout, and now i have a few other things i want to work on. this is a very "jenny" thing to do... many many things around the house need my attention desperately but instead my thoughts are on my web page... ha... i even make myself laugh. well, better get to those dishes now.

Friday, March 11, 2011


after all that has happened today... and all that could have happened today... and all that could happen any day... i feel so thankful. thankful that i have a healthy, thriving family that is perfectly safe when so many other families have been completely devastated. thankful that we have warm beds and good food when so many others will be going without tonight. thankful that we have so many people to "worry" about us and the many calls we have received just to make sure that we're safe. we are safe. we are well. and i am thankful for it.

Friday, March 4, 2011

smile...'s friday!

i'm smiling... looking forward to a few slow days before the chaos starts again. how long is it until summer vacation? i am so ready for it.

reading group

maiko is so excited about reading now. he loves that he can read to his sisters. although, he spends most of his time letting her read to him.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

newborn snuggling

they are so good with her. i am constantly amazed at how patient layla is. ollie will cry and cry... i'll say "do you want me to take her?"... layla says "no. it's ok." and continues to pat her back until she calms down and falls asleep. i really love it when she does that. so nice having that little bit of extra help. oh yes. so nice.
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