Saturday, March 19, 2011

have you noticed?

so you may have noticed that i've made a few changes around here.

just to warn you i don't think i'm quite done yet... if each time you come to this page it's a little different.. know that it's just me experimenting with the new things blogger has to offer. i'd love to know what you think too. is the set up nice? is it annoying? easier to read, or difficult? i'm not sure what i think yet, but i am planning on continuing to change things bit by bit until it feels just right. it's funny, i just wanted to change the size of my photos at first, then i thought i'd try a new layout, and now i have a few other things i want to work on. this is a very "jenny" thing to do... many many things around the house need my attention desperately but instead my thoughts are on my web page... ha... i even make myself laugh. well, better get to those dishes now.

1 comment:

Brittany said...

This makes me smile. :)

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