Friday, April 29, 2011

it's not spring without chicks

the first evening we had these chicks i hear a little commotion going on in the laundry room and decide to investigate. this is what i found. i think every small animal and many of the insects that come into our home have received a ride in this firetruck. i've seen it zipping by with ladybugs, beetles, moths, even earwigs, and of course... baby chicks.
now... usually when mark brings baby chicks home i'm about as giddy as the children... but... i have grow quite fond of the size of our current flock. we have five hens... all different breeds... perfect.
well... perfect for right now anyway.
luckily for me, mark and lisa have taken over the raising of the baby chicks and i am glad to be back to my happy little flock of five. and the kids get to go across the street and play with baby chicks... yes... perfect.


julie said...

Love the baby chicks. Maiko looks like he did this before. How fun! i just ask Bob this morning if we could get a few chickens.

jenny said...

you should!! they are sooo fun!

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