Sunday, July 31, 2011

and then... there's the two year old

 eislee's birthday was a bit like eislee... wild, and it was gone in a flash just like her last two years.

i didn't get around to making her birthday crown. i think i need to make some without the ages embroidered on the front... so i could reuse them for a couple years. luckily, grandma patti found her a special birthday girl shirt... i think that made up for the crown. she got to do two of her favorite things for her second birthday... four wheeler ride with daddy and eat cake. once again i forgot the new tradition were everyone says something they love about the birthday person. we did talk about it last night over dinner though, and once again i will share them here.

things we love about our two year old

  • mark and lisa love her "foot stompin temper" (the way she stomps her feet when she gets angry)
  • matt loves the way she refers to herself as "me-me"
  • i love the way she imitates me "mamo tur tha waher off, righ now!!!" (maiko turn that water off, right now!)
  • maiko loves the way she smells and how soft her hair is
  • layla loves the way she calls her "waywa" and the way she hugs her with her arms wrapped around so tight
we all love our sweet eislee so much. a very important member of this family. she keeps things from getting to serious around here. yes, very important. we love you eislee... forever and ever.


  1. Oh Jenny thank you for sharing that. Little Eislee has grown up way to fast. It made me shed a little tear to read this. Thanks again for being such a good mommy. I love you and your family so much. Look forward to seeing you soon! Hugs to all.

  2. thanks julie :) we love you too! hope to see you really soon!


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