Monday, July 25, 2011

our sweet ollie

she is getting so big. she will be half a year in five days... five days. can you believe that? i can't. that also means that eislee will be two in just three days. wow. ollie is such a happy baby. she smiles more than any of the other babies did and she smiles so big. she's a tiny little thing but getting quite strong, rolling over now and pushing up. she has two teeth! i'm excited and also a bit nervous about what the next year will bring. i'm so excited to see the person that ollie will become, but then i can't help but think "how am i going to keep up around here when there are four kids making messes?" luckily there will be many changes going on. ollie will grow and get into more, but maiko and layla will both be going to the big school and i will have quiet mornings with just two! i have mixed feelings about this. on one hand i'm really looking forward to those calm mornings with two and afternoons with three, but on the other hand i'm a little sad that maiko will be gone all day. i am also nervous because maiko is growing and changing so much right now and will be spending so little time with us each day. i suppose it will all work out for the best. he is very excited about having PE class and eating his lunch at school. i can't help but wonder how long that excitement will last. :)

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