Friday, August 5, 2011

around the house

  •  finally reclaiming my front flower bed from the chickens (now if i can only reclaim the back flower bed from the weeds).
  • a certain big little girl has entered a new stage of independence... dressing herself.
  • i've recently adopted some new house plants (succulents... love love).
  • and some new craft books (this one and this one). we have really been enjoying some of the new simple projects and finally finishing some old ones (i'll go into more detail on these soon).
  •  window crayons... what fun! great for jotting down little bits of inspiration.
i am really hoping to make some major accomplishments in my last month of summer... painting the house, painting some furniture, lots and lots of sewing... and hopefully getting much more organized and back on some sort of a schedule before school starts again.

what are you planning to do with the last month of your summer?


amberamerica said...

I love eislee dressing herself!!! And you finished the Dino yay!!! The garden is looking great! Did you decide where to put the plants? And are they in the ground now? I love you Jenn :) and your wonderful family and home :)

jenny said...

thanks sis! i love you too :) i did get the plants in the ground, and they are doing great! i'm very excited about it. the chickens did smash the calla lily, but it will be back next year! and maiko loves his dino soooo much :)

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